I made a new tumblr.. too many people I know follow me here. Don’t like that too much + this is full of crap. So no new posts (unless i really change my mind) If you want to refollow me, message me

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last week in my studio


I don’t know. Not wanting anything, isn’t that a symptom of depression?

Before Sunset

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Une femme mariée, Godard

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"I am 24 years old. Twenty-four years is not a very long time, and then again enough time. I have added many things to the world. The world is this thing around me that I made for myself and I see for myself. The world however, go on without me being there to see it, it just won’t be “my” world then. That’s what interests me most about the situation I am in now. I am making things in the world that won’t go away when I do."

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close up of Raf Simons x Sterling Ruby AW14

can’t see these patches ever again

as I am the one cutting ALL of them for the whole production (read as everything x 1000 - BY HAND )

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